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Rainbow Sorting Crayons


  • A rainbow of play possibilities comes packed inside these giant crayons.
  • Invites children to peek inside each crayon and discover different color-coded figurines for matching, sorting and imaginative play
  • Encourages kids to learn and say the words for each figurine
  • Offers built-in storage for 48 figurines and storage box for crayons, making clean-up easy
  • Set of 8 cardboard tubes with plastic lids includes Activity Guide
  • Each crayon measures 9.5"L x 2.5" in diameter
  • Ages 3+

$44.95 x 1


Total: $44.95

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One of the most charming sorting kits we've seen, this kit contains 48 manipulatives that are sorted by color in large crayon-shaped cardboard containers. You can use the objects for patterning, counting, color identification, 2-D to 3-D matching and language development. The crayons serve as built-in storage so cleanup is a cinch. There are 8 cardboard tubes with plastic lids.